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Thursday, March 12, 2009

PSP Download

One of the best way for me to enjoy my PSP to the fullest is during my school holiday. How about you?

I have no limit of time to play this handheld system. My mum will not lay specify time for me to end any of my game. She knows that PSP games are very addictive. And at the same time, by letting me spending my time this way, she can make me forget not to go for our annual vacation - which I will not forget.

Usually during the long school holiday, after I have taken my breakfast, make up my own bed and browse through some news at Daily Paper, I will start playing my favourite game, Star Wars Battlefront.

If anyone has not played before or not yet download this very satisfying action game, I suggest you do so as Star Wars Battlefront will provide dozens of hours of excitement in targeting and shooting things. I have played 11 grounds in the map and hope to go next level.

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