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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Before I start another gaming post, I am thinking who is the most popular game writer that you have known? Is it Tim Schafer or Scott?

What I knew is tha this guy is an excellent senior game writer and designer who had an education at film school and English degree. His knowledge on how to write screenplays and stage plays has led him to receive a handsome amount of pay that is not less than $45,00 a month together with his vast gaming experience.

The designer of Pandemic Studios that I am referring to is Tom Abernathy. He had successfully created a Hollywood in the 20's game named Saboteur. His job is to design story documents, gameplay-design documents and writing dialogue while working together with other game designers, producers and directors. But Tom are more expertise in the backstory of any games.

Tom Abernathy got his first game job at Activision writing Heavy Gear, a mech-battling PC game. He came with his own samples of writing that game when he got hired onto the project. His idea of bringing more writers came when he became the contractor on Destroy All Humans. He was very dedicated with the job, helped to create worlds, backstories and the basic structure of the game. Soon, he became Pandemic's full-time writer.

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