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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why need a fee to join?

You have gone to several PSP download sites and all they ask is to make payment before you can download your favourite games, movies or songs. Isn't it a Free Download?! Suppose to be free from making any payment to access the download.

Well, for sure it is free to download any games, music and movies to your PSP but not to forget that you are going to download software games which are free from virus and hackers which may harm your to computer and memory stick.

Anyway, the fee is just below $50 which is worth your lifetime membership and safe on your system as long as you enjoy owning a handheld entertainment system.

Here are some reasons, why you or anybody with PSP should look for membership in PSP Downloads site?

Free to download at any time.

-Secure to download.

-Instant Access to millions ready PSP files on games, songs, movies, software, wallpaper and more.

-Fast retrieve.

-With anti-virus.

-Flat single fee for lifetime.

Disadvantages on Pay-Per-Download and FREE Download. PAY PER DOWNLOAD.

On a pay-per-download site you pay for each game, each song and each movie. Long run it will be costly for you. The price of getting each game is higher than your PSP.

-Free downloads - only certain games

-May include virus.

-Slow transfer.

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