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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tips on PSP

ONLY purhase a memory stick duo that has enough memory for what you need. For example, it’s no use buying a 2 GB Memory stick duo, if you only use the PSP occasionally, and you put like 5 songs and 10 pictures on it. This will save you money and not make you feel as though you wasted money.

Always check the status of your PSP’s battery. You may not know this, but as time goes on battery capacity actually decreases. If you don’t replace the battery at all, it will come to a point where it will only run on the charger plugged into an outlet. So if you notice that battery life is getting shorter, get a new one.

When playing a UMD game, NEVER, under any circumstances attempt to remove the UMD when the game is in session! This will actually corrupt the data on the UMD, and lead to the disk being no longer useable. If you want the remove it, first go to the home page and then remove the disk. This saves the UMD and even parts of the PSP. Always plug in your ac adapter BEFORE doing any firmware upgrading (the countless times i’ve heard of people losing power and bricking their psp is almost untrue!) Make sure to buy memory sticks from reputable online shops or even retail shops, as fake cards are a waste of money and you risk jeopardizing your precious game saves and music!!!

If you want to convert DVDs to play from your memory stick, download DVDFab HD Decrypter 4 and ImTOO DVD to PSP converter. They work very well with each other, the first removes any copyright encrytion from your dvd and store it to your hard drive. Once complete use the ifo file with the ImTOO converter. (You can specify what resolution and even what bit rate your film will be made at, i get my films down to about 400mb at decent quality).

Invest in the SONY PSP media manager 2.5 PRO. It has a backup utility and if you have PSone games downloaded from Playstation Store, you can use it to store these on your PC hard drive.

If you haven’t already got a wireless router get one they make updating and PSP’s much more fun especially playing Killzone Liberation, Worms Open Warefare 2 or wipeout pulse.

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