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Monday, September 15, 2008


I just heard of a new PSP game so called an Old Atari - N+. The game was just release a month agao. I have not play it yet. But the boy whom live next door, being always in advance than me and always catch up on the latest. It looks like a giant puzzle on the screen and the player is controlling the Ninja to get those gold squares till when the Ninja manage to touch the exit switch which is his goal. This sounds very easy and common game but to come near and reach the exit seems like quite hard to make it over. It seems very complicated and dangerous as you play along the terrain. Different level has different platform and the position is so tricky and hard and you may fall to death if you jumped wrongly to reach to different level. Wait till I play this game myself after seeing him struggling with those switch exit which I may have done it better.

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