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Monday, September 8, 2008

Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Core VII is a great game with lots of fun and is worth on a every single penny you spent on it or you can just download Final Fantasy Core VII and start playing.

If you play this game which mainly focuses on Zack Fair, a 2nd Class (and later 1st class) SOLDIER, and the events leading up to his destined demise. The player has full control over Zack when moving around, and can rotate the camera. Enemies abound in the field screen, and battles take place in real time.He meets many of the Final Fantasy VII characters, including Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough, with whom he develops strong bonds. The game's storyline takes the player from the war with the Wutai to the events at Nibelheim, and right up to the time just before the Final Fantasy VII beginning.


Crisis Core has action- and menu-based elements. The new battle system is known as Digital Mind Wave, and revolves around a series of reels at the upper left corner of the screen which spin continuously as long as there are Soldier Points left to consume. Each reel rotates independently and upon lining up three reels of the same character and value, a power-up is awarded to Zack.

Enemies can be attacked physically and magically. Spells such as Fire and Cure are located on the command bar. Materia makes a return, fully customizable and in multiple varieties, including green (spells) and yellow (extra commands such as Steal or Sense). In addition, materia can be fused together to enhance one materia's abilities or to make an entirely new materia. The materia the player has equipped determine the magic and special commands on the in battle menu. Defensive and evasive maneuvers can also be used

So if you were planning on picking up a copy regardless of what I say, rest assured that you'll have a colossal amount of fun. But we have quite a bit of material to cover, so let's start with the basics. While the original Final Fantasy VII followed Cloud and company as they attempted to stop Sephiroth from undoing the very fabric of the world, Crisis Core puts a much different spin on the canon. For one, you'll only be playing as Zack Fair, Cloud's friend who only had fleeting appearances in the original game.

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