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Monday, April 13, 2009

Ninja Gaiden II

Eeeee....hhh! Yucks! shouted my small little cousin, who just dashed out from her brother's room, cautious holding the Xbox controller. I just stepped into his house with my father and wondered what is all about. I pushed the half-opened door and saw the big screen has lot of blood shed. I knew it, this maddening game of Ninja Gaiden II is much flashier, great impact with full force of actions. Sitting next to him with agony, watched how he smash those werewolves, slice up groups of rival ninjas and demons. The exhilirating effect is superb with showy of explosion of particles and parts of body fell apart. Great for a replay I'm sure, but the effect threw to much serious games to play in that way. Anyway, up to players review differently.

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