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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God of War

As everbody knows, God of War was directed by David Jaffe who is also a responsible man for reviving up the Twisted Metal Series.

After making so much of story games on PS3, he decided to stop doing big story-heavy games and focus on more pick-up-and-play, casual games. After looking at so much of God of War, he felt that now is the end of how muchhe could really do in that kind of genre and with that kind of goal. He kept agreeing hat designers like Kojima and Miyamoto could propbably has better fuse in storytelling and games than he had.

He added that, games stuff that he loves doing right now was just picking up a controller with a smile on a face spontaneusly. Have fun time with buddies. Yes...that's all. He sounded sick.

Anyway, he respected the achievement that he received in God Of War and as a creative director on franchise with Sony, he knows that he may not want to continue any of God Of War II PSP games.

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