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Friday, January 16, 2009

Spider-man : Web Of Shadow

Another Spidey it's PSP game, Allies Edition of PSP of Spiderman:Web of Shadow where an alien become a threat in a city to destroy and corrupt anyone who comes in, including the heroes and villians.

Eventuallly, in this game, player can swing around the backgound or the scene and control the spiderman while crawling up the walls and ceiling with his incredible strength. Along the way when you lay this game, he will show his acrobatic skill when he is trying to carry any civillian, rescuing from the bad plot.

Player will be given an option to change Spidey suit! Choose his Red suit or the Black one using the select button. In between ,the conversation dialogue box pop up as and when spidey meet up with civillian or while rescuing.

Web of Shadows Amazing Allies Edition for the PSP, while it’s not a direct port of the console version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, this portable game has enough web-slinging action that’s just as entertaining.

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