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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tom Raider Anniversary
This is areally game for the fans, Anniversary's sound effects andsparse music hearken back to the original. Its for everyone who wants to play the original again, but without the bad grid-based (control) system and blocky graphics and no camera control.
Croft creator Toby Gard is fleshing out the remake's story. which features the same four chapters of the original; Peru, Greece, Egypt, and Atlantis. Veteran raiders will find the same puzzles-except now they've been ramped up in complexity with new twists and the advanced physics system for the Legend.
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Madden NFL 08
Obviously, the addition of the weapons system to this year's game would seem like a big deal. On consoles, this system was basically designed to provide differentiation between specific types of star players.
Using specific icons for each type of player, you could now see the difference between a possession receiver and a big-play receiver, an accurate quarterback and a strong-armed quarterback, a shutdown cornerback and a press-coverage get the idea. On the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this system was fantastic because you could really see the differences in play between the various types of weapons, and the game itself became about finding mismatches you could exploit on both sides of the ball. Not so much on the PSP version.

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There are certainly some base-level distinctions to be made, but for the most part, players play exactly the way they always have in a game of Madden. There aren't those subtle differences in play styles. Sure, you know the difference between a power running back and a speedy running back, but those have always been obvious differences. Beyond being able to spot who on the field is good and who is not so good, and periodically being able to fix a mismatch you might not have otherwise noticed, it doesn't feel like there's much value to the system on the PSP.

Fundamentally, Madden 08 plays the same solid game of football it did last year on the PSP. The running game is pretty well balanced, and the passing game is also good, though perhaps a bit overpowered. On all difficulty levels but the highest, there are basic post routes in which you can pretty much guarantee a big completion just about every time you do them with a good and reasonably speedy receiver. The defensive backs just don't seem to be able to stop these routes with any level of consistency, meaning you can exploit them quite regularly. Defense is relatively untouched mechanically, save for the addition of the new hit stick from the console versions, which lets you specifically decide if you want to hit a ball carrier high or low. None of the other little tweaks to the defensive controls from the console versions, like the ability to focus coverage on a single receiver before the snap, are in this version.
Jeanne D'Arc
History Meets FantasyStep into a colorful world where history meets fantasy, taking part in a magical tale inspired by the life and times of the legendary Joan of Arc.
Command up to 7 characters at a time and embark on a crusade in a 15th century fantasy setting of ogres, dragons and magical powers.
Explore ransacked villages and battlefields with visuals and cinematics that bring the world to life. Tactics style action with unique team-based strategy of attacks and defenses. Developed by Level-5, creators of the renowned Dark Cloud series and the critically acclaimed RPG Rogue Galaxy. Inspired by the Joan of Arc legend, the story centers on a young crusader named Jeanne and her quest to turn back an unrelenting English army. While the Hundred Year’s War rages between France and England, an army of demonic creatures attempts to invade the human world. Blessed with a mysterious armlet, Jeanne is commanded by voices from beyond to use its power to seal away the demon king and recover her homeland once and for all.

Featuring Level-5’s signature cel-shaded design, Jeanne d’Arc unfolds across 40 expansive environments where players journey through villages and battlefields to fight for freedom in France. Throughout the game players will have command of up to 14 total characters, both humans and beasts included, in the quest to save the French homeland. All of the characters are highly customizable, with more than 150 different skills and abilities to choose from, and each is associated with a specific weapon type. With an inventive turn-based combat system, players can engage in strategic team-based attacks and defensive schemes controlling up to seven characters at a time. Players are also able to individually develop each character’s skill set and transform them in battle to increase power and overall attributes. All games can be download at a special one price. This is not new, but this special omline PSP site will update the latest game in their site.

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